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Road Trippin’

I’ve traveled approximately 9,376 miles this year in the beautiful US of A. Here are a few snapshots of my ongoing voyages.














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Artomatic celebrates its 10th Anniversary at the soon-to-be Half Street Hotel in Southeast DC.

55 M Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

May 29 – July 5, 2009

Fri-Sat: Noon-1 am
Sun, Wed, Thu: Noon-10 pm

Take Metro! Located directly above the Green Line Navy Yard Metro Stop, West Entrance

The event features artists that paint, photograph, film, sculpt, draw, dance, sing, rap, graf (graffiti artists…you know, spray painters), and more. I thought I’d stop by today and take a look and already have plans to return tonight and tomorrow as well as special dates with guest features throughout the month.

Here’s some of what I captured today.


Jeff Nyveen, a USC graduate who moved to the DC Metropolitan area several years ago, features several photographs of visual memories of his travel.  But don’t let me bore you with my interpretation.  After viewing his website and photographs I’m sure you’re going to schedule a few flights to exotic lands and purchase a nice camera to capture the evidence like he has done for years.


Jared Davis‘ piece, Hurdi Gurdi. This guys scene design and staging is phenomenal.

Check back later for more updates from my sitings at Artomatic!



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If you haven’t heard or witnessed these groups, well, here’s your chance. There’s a popular group called ImprovEverywhere that causes scenes all over New York City and have been doing so for years. I love them. Here are a few of my favorites:

High Five Escalator

No Pants Subway Ride

Frozen Grand Central Station

Well, there seems to be some competition stirring up on the West Coast now. I’m not sure if this is an organized group like ImprovEverywhere or if this is just a skit put on by A&E TV but it’s funny.

Hammer Pants

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Amerie – Why R U


Well, she’s back!

I love her personality, her pleasant sounding voice and subject matter. Her fourth album, “In Love & War” is set to be released this August under new label Def Jam.

Thanks to TrackLeaker a link to one of her newest songs can be heard online.

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What up folks?  It’s been a minute…and you know the saying as time passes and things get pressing?  “A lot has been on my mind and most of it consumed my time.”  Okay, I made it up…but you can use it at your leisure – free of charge – as if it’s your own.  LOL!

But seriously people, I have held back the urge to blog about this topic for quite some time.  Even as I am writing it out now, I have urges to delete and just write about something else.  But I won’t.  I have my opinion and my opinion is supported by good, sound morals and values, as well as common sense.  Therefore, even if you deem this post judgmental or degrading (hating, for you new schoolers reading this), well, that’s your opinion.  Maybe recent 30th birthday has something to do with this recent “I just don’t care what you think” attitude as well.

So, without further ado:


Something pops into your minds when you see these words.  I wish that I could see the visual picture painted in each of your heads as you read them.  To some, fashion looks like what we see on runways in Milan…to others, it’s a simple rope chain with their nickname as a medallion.  Style – I believe, across the board – represents some sort of individuality.  But how unique is style when others look exactly like it?  Fads are movements in culture that most predict to go out of style…so, realistically, it first had to be a style of some sort of fashion to become a fad.  Are you still with me?  Hype is self explanatory…no pun intended.  Swagger is often referred to as one’s behavior or the attitude they exude, often supported by some sort of prowess.

But with today’s sense of wardrobe popular amongst our youth – and those adults who cannot say goodbye to their adolescent years – it seems that mimicing the days of our past is the new style.  But how much credit shall we give to these youngsters for copying a style of fashion born in the early 1980’s, put to death before the decade’s end and resurrecting it through kids born almost ten years after it’s disappearance?


The identity crisis our children have today isn’t even funny to me anymore.  It’s truly sad.  These kids have no idea who they are or what they can become, but they sure can copy what pop culture says is cool.





This is Rick James’ response to when I told him these were male jeans from Pharell’s BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) Clothing line.  My reaction was similar, minus the Stevie Wonder braids, Kool Moe Dee’s “Wild, Wild West” leather outfit and the high heeled boots.

Clothing – in my opinion – serve as an informal introduction or a sort of personal greeting to those in your presence.  If I were to be an inspirational speaker trying to inform high school students the importance of good study habits and how having an acedemic plan for their future is important, maybe I shouldn’t show up dressed in all black Dickies, a black hoodie, black sunglasses, tattoo’s on me neck and face, all accented with a red bandana hanging from my right back pocket.  And if I expect people to respect me as a man, maybe I shouldn’t shop in those stores where you have to ask, “Excuse me ma’am, where’s the men’s section?”

Can someone explain to me why it’s cool for boys to look like girls and girls to look like boys these days?


But when your sense of style and fashion sense are off, at least have the decency to have some sort of swagger to rely upon.  Men, hold your head up high, push your shoulders back, pull your pants up, walk with some dignity.  Ladies, put a smile on your face, have some gracefulness in your step, let the wind blow through your hair.  Be proud of yourselves.  Make your parents prou…okay, I’ve gone too far.


From G’s to Gents contestant, Macho…seriously, his name on the show was Macho…no LOL.

What corporation would hire a fool looking like this?  And yes, it definitely gets worse when he speaks.

We’ve got to get ourselves together.  From this day on, I’m telling all of these pants sagging little derelicts to pull their britches up.  No more witnessing these criminal acts with just a shake of my head and a squint of my nose.  As of today, I do solemnly swear to uphold the duties as Chief of Fashion Police and Deputy of Style.  On my honor, I will never betray by badge of office, my integrity, my character or the public trust in what style is supposed to represent.  I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for their unfashionable actions.  I will always uphold the Constitution of Swagger and shall never allow fads to infiltrate and defect my community, so help me God.



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Summer Movies

This Summer seems to be filled with quality films for those theater enthusiasts such as myself. For me – although it wasn’t quite Summer yet – J.J. Abrams heated things up with Star Trek. Next up, on May 21st Joseph McGinty Nichol – also known as McG – directs Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Common.


I wasn’t familiar with McG so I Wiki’d him.  He previously directed both Charlie Angel’s (eh, wasn’t my cup of tea) and We Are Marshall (hmm, not a bad film) which he also produced.


Next up…the most anticipated film of the Summer, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

Micheal Bay returns to the helm of the Transformers series (a third edition is already in development stages) with a return of the successful cast from the original film produced in 2007.  You’ll have a little over a month to wipe away the drool from Terminator so prepare your chops for the June 24th release date of the Transformer sequel.  Oh yeah, by the way, Mr. Steven Spielberg serves as the films Executive Producer…hence the hefty $200 million budget.  Ahem!


Sorry for the link to the trailer…it was the best available trailer that could be embedded into this post 😦


Micheal Mann (Ali – 2001, Miami Vice – 2006, Hancock – 2008) gets back into the director’s chair to bring us Public Enemies on July 1st, a film set during The Great Depression (the irony, huh?) where an FBI agent chases down infamous criminals by the name of John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd…no, not the undefeated boxer who nicknamed himself Money Mayweather.


Christian Bale must be feeling the wrath of this recession because he’s starring in two Summer sizzlers, this time alongside Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard (if you haven’t heard of her she’ll also be returning to the big screen this Fall in Nine…check for that flick).


Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing – 2004, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – 2008) presents us with a film about one of America’s most popular action figures ever sold.  G. I. Joe is set to be in theaters August 7th.  The film is forwarded ten years so that those who are unfamiliar with the cartoon series can follow along but not so far off that the old schoolers such as myself feel left behind.  It’s not so much an All-Star cast in this film but Dennis Quaid, Rachel Nichols – whom also played in Star Trek – and Marlon Wayans (yep, that Marlon Wayans) seem to give a little weight to this film.  Rumor has it other box office hitmen/women were contacted to be cast but had prior engagements.  This Summer is going to be hot!




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Melanie Fiona presents ‘The Bridge’

I’m a firm believer that we as humans are all artists. Some dance, some sing, some write. Those that don’t partake in the typical forms of artistry still have a sense of expressionism that makes them artists as well. We naturally find security in our ability to communicate with one another and often times find ourselves either seeking the approval or just the sheer satisfaction of being heard, seen, felt, or understood by others.

We all should know by know that I love film. We also should know that I’m very observant and opinionated. Like it or not, these are examples of my artistic abilities bestowed upon me without my approval or consent but simply characteristics that make me an expressionist. But there are other characteristics in me that mold the way I express; I’m compassionate, sensitive, and apathetic yet I am argumentative, strong-willed and often stubborn. But it makes me who I am and I choose to embrace these characteristics and use them to express my thoughts, feelings and concerns.

In this post I’m going to profile my first musical entry from an artist I stumbled upon online. It’s not hard to see why I became so intrigued by this woman either. One, she’s gorgeous and has a smile that could resurrect Giacomo Cassanova from his grave. Two, her voice made me thank God for the gift of hearing. But most of all, her personality is more embracing than any of her physical features and left me wanting to learn more about her, the person, and appreciate what has become of her, the artist.

Get to know Melanie Fiona.

I love the grittiness of this electronic press kit. The images are raw and real, the lyrics match and Melanie Fiona delivers stories of happiness and sorrow that’s pleasant to the ear. I won’t say she’s a “breath of fresh air” because being cliche would be disrespectful to her originality. But the newness of her sound, soulfulness and personality has me anticipating the release of ‘The Bridge.’

Go online to find out more:


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