First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m xpress, theb2xpress (I just finished watching a James Bond movie…). You probably don’t know much about me but I’ll change all of that in due time. Our relationship from this very moment shall be pure and honest. I’ll write and expose my thoughts on current events and completely random things and you can enjoy by reading, responding and referring my blog to others. This, my friends (spoken like a true Maverick…LOL!), is the beginning of a future filled with dreams realized through more dreaming, opinions ridiculed and praised in the same sentences and the utter disbelief of real life situations that would make most cringe or come close to dying from laughter are reported on. I hope you all enjoy and even if you don’t, I’m glad you came if you let me know your thoughts in return.

As theb2xpress sets it course, most of us will also be making forward progress’ in areas of our professional lives, relationship status’, or taking up new hobbies and leisure activities. I love these kinds of stories. I imagine the temperature of the water and the sound of sea gulls when hearing someone’s tale of scuba diving in Tahiti. But more often than most, some of us will even experience losing a job, be put out by our significant others, or taking up illegal activities to drown the pain of our realities too. I feel that there’s a place for these stories but just not here. Well, unless you make light of the dark situation, that is. I respect comedy – especially when it pokes fun at normalcy. But be reminded, “theb2xpress” does not endorse nor condone the opinions expressed by its readers…any and every written word shall be held responsible by the writer themselves. I am allergic to negativity, so spin the bad towards good.

Lastly, my reviews and opinions are my own. I write to release stress or to receive feedback from my readers. Sometimes, I’ll write just to inform you of current events, movies, music, and lifestyle that interests me. So, read…respond…and refer.

Welcome, to theb2xpress!

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