I Love Tacos

I love tacos!

I could’ve just left this post after that exclamation point because I believe everyone who reads this would I agree that tacos are a gift from Latin Jesus. The deliciousness that is referred to as a taco makes me salivate at the thought of them. Even the preparation of them makes me smile; who wouldn’t enjoy the smell of marinated steak, chicken or shrimp soaked in garlic cloves, paprika, cumin, lime juice and cilantro cooking? Things that go with tacos are fun too. Cadillac margaritas, simple margaritas, margaritas with salt, without salt, beer. Mmm, beer.

Tacos are so damned delicious, you can supplement proper ingredients with lesser ones and still enjoy the savory thing-a-ma-jiggy that’s taco-esque. I’ve used Fritos Scoops with ground beef, lettuce, cheese, and canned salsa and called it tacos before and loved it. Please forgive me Taco Gods.

I love other foods like steak too and am a seafood fiend but nothing compares to a taco. When you come home and rave about the NY Strip you had for dinner, people ask, “What did you have with it?” most times. Not with tacos. When you say you ate tacos, that’s good enough.

A taco isn’t a sandwich. A taco is not a meal. It stands alone as a taco. Latin Jesus should’ve trademarked the taco and publicly traded stock in the likeness of it. The Church of Ladder Day Taco Lovers across the world would’ve been very grateful for that. We would’ve been paying NY Yankee salaries in tacos. Nonetheless, thank you Spanish speaking Jesus. Thank you for inventing this.

Man, I love tacos.



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3 responses to “I Love Tacos

  1. I sent your post to @bigghostface on twitter cause he loves tacos. And so do I. ❤

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