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You Are Who You Were Before You Got Here

Do you remember the little kid who use to steal little girls’ Barbie dolls and set them on fire when you were in elementary school? You know, he’s the one who used to set insects ablaze with a magnifying glass in middle school and set trash cans on fire in high school. Well guess what? He was arrested for none other than arson.

Oh, and remember the girl who would purposely wear a short skirt on Fridays because it was “Freaky Friday” in elementary school? You know, the one who would remove her training bra and let the boys see her breasts for $5 in middle school and…well, you know what she did in high school. Well guess what? She’s a prostitute now.

People, what I’m really trying to say is that sometimes we need to call things exactly what they are. Those little bastards stealing cars before they can see over the steering wheel will end up in the penitentiary. There’s no need trying to save them either. So teachers, save your breath trying to teach these heathens how to read, add and subtract. Just put their bad asses in the corner and watch your back until the final bell rings. You don’t want to give them hope like this little floozy here:


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