Hypothetically speaking…

I am under attack. The Lords of Insanity are sending their messengers and soldiers to infiltrate my life. I try to ignore them but I still somehow find myself engaging into battle with them but then I realize that I must digress and retreat to fight another day. As much as it pains me to let certain subjects of Tom Foolery (that’s right…Tom damned Foolery) go without replying to them I do it anyway, then get sucked back into trying to save someone and then talk sense into myself again and shut up.

Here are a few tests that I’ve endured recently.

Hypothetically speaking…assuming no laws or sound morals have been or will be broken:

If a friend or relative of yours raises their children in a way you wouldn’t if they were yours, would you tell them what you feel they should do even if you’re in their house?

If your neighbor introduces you to a female friend of his one night and on a different night you see him with a different female, is it your duty to find out who she is and decipher what the nature of their relationship is?

If someone else’s actions hurt you in your past and you saw another person experiencing what looks to be the same thing you endured, do you save them by giving them step-by-step instructions on what you would do if you were them?


I have more, if you’d like…

If you see a woman wearing a nice pair of shoes on the train, do you ask her where she purchased them from?

If you see a white woman walking a brown child do you ask if the father is black?

If someone starts to scratch themselves in the bank do you ask if they are on heroin?


If someone makes an attempt to gossip and ask if you’ve heard of something you know nothing about, do you ask for more information and involve yourself voluntarily in the gossiping? And then exclude yourself later when the crap hits the fan?

I believe that if more of us minded our own damned business we’d have less arguements in the grocery store and less automobile accidents caused by rubber-neckers and those that like to drive forwards by looking at what you’re doing behind them in their rear view mirror. More people would get to work on time and less butt kickings will be handed out in grade schools across the country.



By no means do I endorse or condone this nonsense either! How do you tell someone else to mind their business when you’re out there stealing from others? Pot and kettling aren’t we?

Take responsibility in your own actions. People are always quick to tell another person what they should be doing, especially the one’s that should be reflecting upon themselves instead of someone else. You ever notice how most people who have their lives together pass by those that are dragging their feet? Why stop your progress to let some fool know what they are doing wrong? I believe that there’s a need for the lady in the neighborhood that knows everybody’s name but if she starts causing problems because of what she knows about folks then she becomes the fuel that ignites the fire.


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13 responses to “Hypothetically speaking…

  1. Brandon — you are so tap dancing near the fire.

  2. Hi there,
    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg
    Have a nice day

  3. alida sanchez

    Bradford, you’re always good for thought provoking questions that open the door to varied reactions. Good read! Please know I’m always down to support the cause. I’m just not great at leaving comments.

    • theb2xpress

      Oh Sanchez, I know I can always depend on your friendship. It’s always been genuine, something that some others can take notes from. But you know how my mind works…always trying to dig deeper and add insight on the hidden “what ifs” and “maybe’s”

  4. nwingatebey

    So am I to mind my business now? lol. I will admitt I am the one to indulge in my flesh and catch up on the latest gossip or speak my mind..especially if I am asked. But I will curb my appetite with KEEPIN IT REAL and learn how to KEEP IT TO MYSELF and mind mines-lol. I think you have respectfully put me in my place. Very insightful-keep us thinking!!

    • theb2xpress

      Ha! Everyone has a little detective in them. I run to the window when I hear police sirens too to “see what’s going on.”

      Thanks for reading Nae, please come again.

  5. mr2oh2

    Sometimes people don’t stop and think about how bad the things B discussed can be, but there are times when people should be told about themselves. I would expect people who are my friends to tell me “hey you handled that situation totally jacked up.” What I don’t expect is to have it broadcast to everyone.

    Keeping it real does not always go wrong people. You must pick and choose what you say (if you must) about certain situations very wisely though. Depending on the sensitivity of the situation you may hurt more that you help, or you could saves someone’s life.

    Its a two-way street………..

  6. Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
    Thank you

  7. LaShaun

    Hahahaha…I love this post and agree 100%! I have been saying this for years. People should MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS! Who are you or anyone else for that matter to tell me what I should be doing? You have know real clue of the path my life is taking and what is best for me. You have no IDEA who I am if you have not known me for atleast 10 years. Let me touch on Gossip..People who have real lives don’t have time to spread gossip. Nor do they even care about what other people are doing.

    • theb2xpress

      A friend read this post and challenged me by saying, “If we all minded our business, criminals would get away with murder.” I replied, “For someone to rob, steal or kill they’d have to be doing more than minding their own wouldn’t they?”

  8. JMA

    This was awesome πŸ™‚ I love all of the pictures you incorporated in this blog — kept me smiling the whole way through! Oh lmbo at “do you ask for more information and involve yourself voluntarily in the gossiping……” ha ha ha ha ha…..PPL do this all the time – we just can’t help hearing somebody else’s business. Ok, I can’t help it, but now that i feel called out i will work on it πŸ˜‰ Keep the blogs coming!!!

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