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My Inaugural Parade Xperience

11th and Pennsylvania Ave

It was a cold, brisk morning in Downtown Washington, DC but what this country was on the verge of experiencing wamred the hearts and souls of millions who witnessed the swearing in of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Security CheckpointSecurity Checkpoint from 12th Street

Security checkpoints were intense but calm.  Thousands of people flooded subways and streets leading to Pennsylvania Avenue and the Washington Mall.

12th and Pennsylvania Avenue

After waiting hours (for some) to gain entrance through these checkpoints and people began settling in for the perfect view of where they and their next President would cross paths, what’s normally a location where many pass by others without a care, today seemed more like a reunion of sorts.  Complete strangers from all over the world shared their joy of what this day meant to them.  Others cried in remembrance of what they’d seen and lived through to get to this moment.


But nevertheless, this was a serious moment.

Sniper Rifle

I made the mistake of saying, “I can get a much better shot of him if I could just get a little closer.”  That was met with a “say what” look from the sniper.  I quickly changed it up to say, “I mean, I could take a better photo of him…photo…no shots from me.”  The sniper even went further – I would assume for a more precise, crystal clear explanation of what his job was for the day: “With our new technology, I can zone in on a guy on top of a building 3 miles away and knock him off that building with 98% accuracy in less than 1.2 seconds.”  Needless to say, I got the message waaaay before that sentence.

Inaugural Parade - Penn AveInaugural Parade - Penn Ave2

President Obama traveling from the Capitol to The White House

President Obama and The First Lady Michelle Obama waving to parade attendees on Pennsylvania Avenue

President Obama traveling to The White House

I am thankful to have witnessed this day.  After meeting so many people and hearing their stories on what this day meant to them I cherish the freedoms I have due to the fight my big brothers and sisters faught so that I may enjoy this as much as I did.  To me, President Obama represents the normalcy of all Americans and the abnormalcy of accepting your differences with others as being normal.  The different ethnicities, genders, origins of birth, religious beliefs, financial status, and the multiple generations of those witnessing this event shows that this world can change.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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